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Small business: Classic Coffee

Pouring Coffee into Filter

Establish a Company Branding Statement

Coffee Shop

Deep Dive into Organization

Coffee Machine

A Statement that Captures their Mission and DNA

We were approached by Classic Coffee, a coffee shop well known in the suburbs of Los Angeles County. They have been around for 15 years, but were struggling to communicate their value in a new way. As a result, we met with their owners and asked highly strategic and tactful questions that enabled us to understand the heartbeat of who they are. We then analyzed the results and proposed several options to them. There was one the stood out. They are a coffee shop that highly believes in giving back to the local community, but also to be a place where relationships are built. As a result, we came up with "Enriching Community With Every Cup".  This branding statement is now used is most of their marketing. 

content samples

Classic Cover.jpg

Cover image we created for their website when the new branding statement was established. 

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