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social media case study

glendora unified school district


Increase Social Media Engagement


Find the Winning Narrative


Engagement Rates Over Double the National Average

We were approached by Glendora Unified School District (client) to help them in building an entirely new communications structure and campaign. Very little existed before we began. As a result, we setup new account, refreshed current, and did an analysis on their current engagement levels and strategies. Upon review, we advised a highly targeted and strategic approach to 5 days a week posting that would entail video production and more focusing on the stories of the staff and students. We also provided brand positioning services in which we helped them to find a clear and concise narrative. This narrative was then translated into the various content strategies. We provided daily monitoring and monthly analytics reports and strategies based upon the engagement. This resulted in continued growth over a 12 month period time that had their engagement rates of their various accounts at times double the national average or more. 

content samples

Staff Hero Video. A concept we came up with to highlight staff members and students that embody the values and character of Glendora Unified.

PTA Experience Insta.jpg

A post example to capture and communicate school values. 

Audio interview with the head of technology shortly after schools were forced to go virtual due to COVID-19.

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