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The One Thing that Should Drive Your Business Model

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

A clearly defined outcome can literally change your entire business model. But a clearly defined outcome goes beyond just make more sales. Here's why.

Defining the Outcome

Many organizations define their outcome as increase sales, or increase growth by 10%. While these are worthy goals and desired outcomes to have, it does not necessarily answer the question as to which model is best to accomplish those goals. A worthy goal without the infrastructure to complete is still just an idea.

As a result, defining the outcome is just as much about defining the process as it is the end goal. Put yourself in the user experience. How do they engage? How is technology impacting our business? What are the biggest threats to our success? These questions and more provide a more robust picture as to not only what you want the outcome to be, but how you intend to get there.

A business model enables the thriving of a great process. In other words, the model provides the environment for the process to work to get the outcome you want.

As an example: Company ABC wants to increase sales by 10% next year. In an assessment of their customers, they find that they are shopping online more often, and doing that shopping from a mobile device. An audit of their current business shows that not only is their site not built for e-commerce, but the website is not even mobile friendly. As a result, they decide to take a mobile centric business model approach that will enable more effective reach and user experience for their customers. The model enables the thriving of a great process that delivers the outcome.

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