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3 Reasons Why Your Digital Infrastructure is Critical

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Having a working digital infrastructure that advances your business can save you significant time and money. Many organizations build their infrastructure piece by piece as needed. However, this could lead to major problems down the road. Here are three reasons why your digital infrastructure is critical to get right.

1. Automation

Automation is critical for efficiency and overall cost savings. Developing an automation process is largely driven by understanding the various workflows and triggers that would drive the process to the next step. With today's technology, the options for automation are endless, enabling you and your organization to operate in a more efficient way.

The problem many organizations have is that over time they have signed up for numerous softwares, apps, etc. and have not properly connected them all within a larger digital ecosystem. As a result, there are multiple logins, multiple locations of files, and more. This makes operations messy and ends up taking a significant amount of time.

To get started, list out your core business functions and find highly credible and secure software that enables those functions to connect automatically.

2. Communications

Wether it be communications to your employees, key stakeholders, customers, or target markets, your digital infrastructure can significantly enhance your ability to communicate more efficiently. This can come through the form of reports, emails, chat, task management, and more. The ability to centralize communications around a platform will enable you to find the key conversations and points that are critical to the advancement of your vision. Modern platforms even enable file attachments, categorizing, and more.

One of our favorite platforms is Zoho One. Zoho One has built a rather robust digital infrastructure with multiple apps that sync perfectly, enable digital collaboration, and easy data management.

3. When In Need, Plug-In

The plug-in market is growing rapidly. However, users must beware of plug-ins that can cause more trouble than good. This could be due to security, efficiency, up-sells, limited access, and more.

However the informed user can find a mass amount of plug-ins that will take an already great infrastructure and enhance it even more. Think of plug-ins like the pictures in a new house. They are certainly not the foundation, walls, or key infrastructure, but they provide a nice touch to make the home the exact way you want it.

Need help thinking through your infrastructure? We can help. Email today to get the conversation started.

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